Jul. 18th, 2010

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 Happy Birthday

I still miss you. There are a lot of things that I wish you were around to discuss, and to see and to enjoy.

I think that you would have liked lolcats, Grey's Anatomy, and Harry Potter.

I think that you would have liked Dexter, but found it too gory. I also think that you would have liked Weeds, but found it too ...something. But you would have watched it all with me anyway. Probably. I really think you would have loved Lost, even though it would have annoyed you a little.

You would have still put up with me making up your face AS LONG AS I NEVER EVER UPLOADED IT TO THE INTERNETS, and you probably would have reluctantly conceded that my hair looks good black and that red lipstick is okay. Sometimes.

There are serious things that we could have learned about together, mostly gleaned from drama communities, and I think that we both would have made painful and awesome discoveries together. You too would have been scarred by clockspider, and maybe, like me, would never again be able to eat camembert cheese. I can't remember if you liked camembert cheese. You would possibly even have gotten a small tattoo by now, and we would have been able to know each other as people - as adults, even though I would not be the same as I am today, I think you would like me. I would have turned out to be a better person even though I would have bought you ridiculous things like this.

We would have gone to the Harry Potter themepark, and I probably would have dragged you to the Castle by now. I'm sure I'd still be going.

Most likely I would never have had to make these entries, but if I did, we would be smiling at them now.


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